Adam Dodds of Freetrade on the future of share trading

Podcast interview with Adam Dodds of Freetrade on the future of share trading.

I interviewed Adam Dodds of Freetrade recently, who talked about his journey into becoming a “challenger stock broker”, and how recent FCA authorisation means the future of his company is on the rise.

We cover Adam’s background as an accountant at KPMG, and how his earlier experiences with banks led to the genesis of the idea of creating Freetrade. Of course, it was a process that took a couple of years of mulling over the pros and cons, but Adam’s optimism and determination to make things easier for millennials (and older folk like me) to trade using our smartphones led to raising just over a million pounds through Crowdcube.

To end the show, Adam Dodds reflects on investing in general, and how the industry has changed and is changing, and is pleased that Freetrade will play its own significant part.

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