How the writing of a first book led to the birth of a new podcast

Duena Blomstrom writes a book, and Shaun Weston kicks off a new podcast with an interview.

One of the benefits of starting your own business is having the time and freedom to think. I’ve burned a large candle at both ends over the past 10 years in particular, working very hard for sometimes very little appreciation, and I’ve met and worked with some incredibly inspiring people. So, at the beginning of my new journey, I find myself abundantly rich in thinking time.

One of the nicest, most straightforward people I was privileged to meet over the last few years was Duena Blomstrom. Those who know her may well agree that she is a formidable personality, flush with confidence and endearing vulnerability, and blessed with a mix of knowledge and passion. I run the risk of embarrassing her in this blog with unrestrained compliments, so I’ll invite you to listen to my new podcast series instead so you can make your own mind up.

I decided to launch the show – Media Will Eat Itself – with the intention of talking to some fun, professional and knowledgeable people in the name of work, and I have a few interesting people lined up as guests. My first guest is Duena Blomstrom, who shares her thoughts, negative and positive, about the process of writing a book. She’s already a prolific blog writer, and understands the power and potential of social media in a world where personal branding is particularly good currency. The task of writing her first book was a considerable undertaking, as it is, I suspect, for most people, so I used the wonderful medium of podcasting to quiz her about the various pain points and successes of getting the book published.

For my own part, the first episode of the podcast (my third show in 10 years) represents a new beginning. It’s actually the first podcast I can call my own, having thoroughly enjoyed hosting/producing more than 200 episodes of the FoodBev podcast and the BankNXT Fintech Podcast. I’ve interviewed so many people over the years: successful businesspeople (and some not so successful), startups, innovators, industry commentators, CEOs and inventors. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by unexpected humour, taken aback by equally unexpected egos, and ultimately got the job done. This time around, I get to make a show about people like me: content creators.

It’s a love project – no one is paying me to produce it. But what you think of it will mean a lot to me, and will help me chisel its rough edges over time. Without further ado, I bring you episode one of Media Will Eat Itself

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