About me

I love to podcast, but that's not all I do.

The podcast producer.

I've produced hundreds of podcasts across various industries since about 2009. It's my absolute passion.

I produce podcasts because I believe in improving communication. I work mainly (but not exclusively) in B2B because there’s so much room to improve basic communication, and audio is the way to do it.

And in order to improve communication, you have to know how to effectively and efficiently communicate! This is where my other skills come in handy (see below). For now, why not take a look at some of the main podcast projects I’ve been involved with.

Shaun Weston with microphone

The content creator.

My copywriting experience goes back to the 90s, when I worked in publishing and advertising. High quality writing is at the core of everything I produce.

Work by Shaun Weston

With a background in content creation, publishing, copywriting and editing, I bring more to the table. As well as hiring a podcast producer, you’re hiring an experienced writer, host, interviewer, multimedia publisher, social media expert, content creator and professional editor.

This means I’m able to dig deep into your story, coming up with a strategy for your podcast that works particularly well for you and your business.

The collaborator.

When you add coaching, branding, social media, website integration, copywriting and strategy to the mix, rest assured your podcast will launch fully prepped and ready for an audience.

Get in touch.

I set SWM up in 2016. I've worked across a number of high-profile brands, such as Oracle, Cedar, SAS, Future Publishing, ieDigital and Backbase, as well as FoodBev Media and 11:FS.

I was also editor-in-chief of FoodBev.com and BankNXT.com over a 10-year period. If you'd like to know more about me, drop me a line, or check out my social feeds.