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Sharon Walpole on life skills and soft skills


My guest for episode 18 of Media Will Eat Itself is Sharon Walpole of Careermap, a service that helps young people get their career kickstarted. We cover her background in publishing and how it’s helped her now that she’s a business development specialist. Of course, the bulk of our discussion is about young people, and navigating cyberbullying, confidence, recognising your self...

David Brear on company culture and being media-first


Episode 17 of Media Will Eat Itself features David Brear, CEO of 11:FS. We discuss company culture, building brands, podcasting, social media and what being your real self actually means. There are lots of great quotes in this episode, so have your pen and paper handy. You don’t have to be interested in digital banking to enjoy this one – this is about someone who absolutely understands...

Tanya Andreasyan on breaking down silos with social media


In episode 16 of Media Will Eat Itself, Tanya Andreasyan, MD and editor-in-chief of FinTech Futures, joins me for a discussion about the tireless profession of being an editor. The pace of change has been led by digital, such as website proliferation and social media, yet Tanya still has a soft spot for print media. We talk about whether fake news affects the running of a niche media outlet as...

Fil Dunsky on being a 21st century digital illustrator


In episode 15 of Media Will Eat Itself, the incredibly talented Fil Dunsky joins me over a Skype call from a peaceful park in Saint Petersburg, to talk about being a professional illustrator. Not only is he a fantastic artist, he’s also a yoga teacher, and a prolific presence on all manner of social media channels. The conversation covers his path to becoming a professional illustrator, the pros...

Research, politics and conferences, with Guy Shone


In episode 14 of Media Will Eat Itself, I talk to business analyst Guy Shone. He’s the man behind Explain the Market, regularly providing analysis and thought leadership to a worldwide audience of over 50 million. You may have seen him on BBC Breakfast as a frequent business guest, as well as Euronews and other professional broadcasts. Our discussion begins with some background into the life of a...

TikTok, authenticity and design, with Tom Ross


In episode 13 of Media Will Eat Itself, I chat to Tom Ross, founder and CEO of Design Cuts, about how fast the world of media and design is moving. We discuss the power of authenticity, the marriage of design and technology, and what it’s like to try a new platform such as Tiktok and feel old (at 31). Find out more about Tom on his LinkedIn page, and via The Futures website. This podcast is also...

Design, storytelling and leadership, with William Villalobos


In episode 12 of Media Will Eat Itself, William Villalobos joins me to share his passion for design. He is founder of The Futures, a company comprising, in his own words, designers, video professionals, developers and marketing experts. He refers to his company as a solution machine! From his background in architecture to his fledgling turn as an entrepreneur, William has, in a relatively short...

Technology and entrepreneurial startups, with David Kelly


In episode 11 of Media Will Eat Itself, I talk to David Kelly, founder of Storm Consultancy, a nimble business that began as a bridge for people looking for something in between traditional creative services and what the tech giants usually offer. I’ve known David on and off for a number of years, having worked on projects with him in the past, and as an observer to the great work he does as part...

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