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If you’re an event organiser, you’re usually juggling many balls in the air. I know this, because I’ve met many of you! I understand the logistics of putting lots of pieces into place, so that your conference or exhibition runs smoothly. Here’s what I could help you with …


I’ve produced over 200 podcasts, and have hosted 90+ of my own shows, so I know what’s required when it comes to producing something your audience will want to listen to. I also enjoy interviewing people, particularly if the subject is something I know about, such as food and drink, or financial technology. If you’re interested in putting together a few sound clips or a full-blown podcast show to accompany your event, I can help.

And check out my current show, Media Will Eat Itself


Digital content is part of my skill set, but I’m a writer by instinct. If you need blogs to accompany your event coverage, or content to fill the gaps in your post-event marketing materials, I’m your man. This covers the under-appreciated skills of storytelling, branding and brevity when it comes to the very best blogs.

Mark Twain apparently said: “I’m sorry this letter is so long. I didn’t have time to write a short one.”

You’re probably thinking, Who needs a copywriter at a conference?. You’ll be surprised. I can look over presentation scripts, demo scripts, marketing materials, interview questions, social media copy, and so much more. If this is all you need, you don’t even need to organise a flight and hotel room. I can do this sitting next to my coffee machine at home. (If you insist, I’ll be on the next flight, batteries charged and raring to go!)

On-site media assistance

You may already have a great team of people ready for action on the big day itself. I’ve worked with many teams over the years, supplementing their own vision and providing assistance where and when they need it, and fast! For instance, you may have an interview that needs to be recorded at one end of the hall, and a demo that needs filming at the other end. It’s always helpful when you have a spare digital professional to hand.


I offer photography and videography services to cover your event. This could be working alone or as part of a team you’ve set up, I really don’t mind. I work to the specifications you give me, so if you want lots of video footage of your event, I can deliver the type of footage you like, and can hand it over to your editor quickly and within the technical parameters they supplied. I can also edit the video for you, just so you know 🙂

The same goes for photography: shots delivered to your specific needs, including specific images of important people, presentations, B-roll, demos, and so on. They can be packaged however you like them, and I can deliver content especially for social media output such as your Twitter feed, your Instagram, Facebook or YouTube channels.

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