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Event content

Producing content for your event

If you’re an event organiser, you’re usually juggling many balls in the air. I know this, because I’ve met many of you! I understand the logistics of putting lots of pieces into place, so that your conference or exhibition runs smoothly. Here’s what I could help you with …


From a few sound clips to a full-blown podcast show to accompany your event


Presentations, scripts, marketing materials, interview questions, social media, and so much more


Content for social media output such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube channels.

Podcasts to highlight your event

We’ve produced over 200 podcasts, and have hosted 90+ of our own shows, so we know what’s required when it comes to producing something your audience want to listen to.


You’re probably thinking, Who needs a copywriter at a conference?. You’d be surprised. We can look over presentation scripts, demo scripts, marketing materials, interview questions, social media copy, and so much more.


Shots delivered to your specific needs, including specific images of important people, presentations, B-roll, demos, and so on. They can be packaged however you like them, with content prepared especially for social media output or your media team. 

On-site assistance

You may already have a great team of people ready for action on the big day itself. It’s always helpful when you have a spare digital professional to hand.