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Media Will Eat Itself

I set up the Media Will Eat Itself podcast at the beginning of 2018. The idea came to me that media has changed (and is changing) so quickly that it’s difficult to keep up. It takes a certain kind of spirit and tenacity to adapt to how fast everything is spinning, and to take stock of your skills to see how they can still be relevant. I wanted to find these people and quiz them about what they think makes them tick, and what the world of media looked like when they first started out.

Of course, this means I talk to many different people across a range of professional disciplines, from marketers to company directors, and from designers to photographers. It’s an interesting subject, and I hope you enjoy browsing through these episodes too. If you find something you particularly like, I’d love to hear from you to find out more. And if you can suggest a future guest, get in touch right here.

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Sharon Walpole on life skills and soft skills

My guest for episode 18 is Sharon Walpole of Careermap, a service that helps young people get their career kickstarted. We cover her background in publishing and how it’s helped her now that she’s a business development specialist.

David Brear on company culture and being media-first

Episode 17 features David Brear, CEO of 11:FS. We discuss company culture, building brands, podcasting, social media and what being your real self actually means.

Tanya Andreasyan on breaking down silos with social media

In episode 16 of Media Will Eat Itself, Tanya Andreasyan, MD and editor-in-chief of FinTech Futures, joins me for a discussion about the tireless profession of being an editor. The pace of change has been led by digital, such as website proliferation and social media, yet Tanya still has a soft spot for print media.

Fil Dunsky on being a 21st century digital illustrator

In episode 15 of Media Will Eat Itself, the incredibly talented Fil Dunsky joins me over a Skype call from a peaceful park in Saint Petersburg, to talk about being a professional illustrator. Not only is he a fantastic artist, he’s also a yoga teacher, and a prolific presence on all manner of social media channels.

Research, politics and conferences, with Guy Shone

In episode 14 of Media Will Eat Itself, I talk to business analyst Guy Shone. He’s the man behind Explain the Market, regularly providing analysis and thought leadership to a worldwide audience of over 50 million. Our discussion begins with some background into the life of a research professional. It turns to the divisive topics of tribalism, inauthenticity and the oversaturation of political discourse.

TikTok, authenticity and design, with Tom Ross

In episode 13 of Media Will Eat Itself, I chat to Tom Ross, founder and CEO of Design Cuts, about how fast the world of media and design is moving. Tom shares his thoughts about how the modern age “keeps you on your toes”, and how his father and he differ in terms of how to run a modern company.

Design, storytelling and leadership, with William Villalobos

In episode 12 of Media Will Eat Itself, William Villalobos joins me to share his passion for design. He is founder of The Futures, a company comprising, in his own words, designers, video professionals, developers and marketing experts. He refers to his company as a solution machine!

Technology and entrepreneurial startups, with David Kelly

In episode 11 of Media Will Eat Itself, I talk to David Kelly, founder of Storm Consultancy, a nimble business that began as a bridge for people looking for something in between traditional creative services and what the tech giants usually offer. We discuss AI, tech-savvy clients and change management.

Social media, modern marketing and fudge, with Sian Holt

Sian Holt of Fudge Kitchen shares her extensive knowledge of running a successful confectionery business, and the role of marketing through the years. What part has media and marketing played in its success so far, and how influential has Instagram been in the last few years?

Why I made 30 videos in 30 days, with Kym Hamer

Kym Hamer joins me to discuss marketing, social media, her experience as a school governor, and what it takes to create 30 YouTube videos in 30 days! Her multiple media skills have led naturally to independent consultancy, and it’s in this capacity I bring Kym to your attention through this interview.

Episode 8

In this episode, Andrew Davison joins me to talk about his focus on Zapier, a service that helps people connect web apps to harness the power of automation. Our conversation also covers Andrew’s background as an entrepreneur, having founded Teacher Finder, and as a marketing manager and business development manager.

Episode 7

In episode seven, I talk to Drew Benvie, founder and MD of communications agency Battenhall, and an early adopter of social media in mainstream marketing and PR campaigns. He wrote the first few Wikipedia entries for social media, and went on to explore the full potential of social media in empowering PR and marketing. Our chat will cover how social media has changed over the last decade or so, what it means to be an authentic influencer, and what clients look for in a modern communications agency.

episode 6

Christian Day runs Knight Studios, a digital brand, content and experience agency. Clients include the NBA, Adidas, Chelsea Football Club and Google. He describes the the design agency as “intentionally small”, and I opened our conversation by asking him about the philosophy behind this statement. He has worked closely with Neighbourly.com, and has also worked with JESS3 and Future Publishing.

Modern photography, with Joby Sessions

This episode is about discovering Joby Sessions’ journey into photography, how he adapted to the advances of technology and the changing demands of the job, and how his advice might help you find your own way in the world of photography.

From journo to internal comms guru, with Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller is an internal communications professional who runs her own consultancy helping people and organisations improve their ability to communicate. Our conversation is all about revealing some of the ins and outs of internal comms I bet you didn’t know about. I mean, what’s it actually like to work in internal comms?

Power presenting, with Russell Anderson-Williams

Russell Anderson-Williams is a professional presentation design expert, and is particularly invested in training people how to make the most out of Prezi and PowerPoint. I ask Russell about the importance of storytelling, and we delve into his own journey from training consultant to a leading voice in the world of presentations.

The Rachel Morrissey podcast production 101 interview

Rachel Morrissey is an experienced podcast producer based in the US. She generously shares her knowledge about the art of podcasting, and provides useful tips and tricks on how professional podcasts are put together.

Duena Blomstrom on writing your first book

In this episode, fintech expert Duena Blomstrom and I discuss the ins and outs of writing your first book. Duena’s first book came out in April 2018. We talk about the pain points and rewards of undertaking such a mammoth task, and Duena shares a few nuggets of insight and wisdom that I hope you’ll find useful.

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