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MAY 2019 Shaun Weston, creator of the Media Will Eat Itself podcast, and Tanya Andreasyan (MD and editor-in-chief of FinTech Futures) discuss what it’s like to be a tireless professional editor. Go to the Fintech Futures website, or listen to the podcast right here.

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The state of open banking in the UK

APRIL 2019 Shaun Weston talks to Phil Siarri at Nuadox about the state of open banking in the UK.

Shaun Weston is a well respected writer, podcaster and digital marketing professional based in the UK. I came to know Shaun when he was the editor-in-chief of BankNXT (at one point a major publication focusing on financial technologies). We sat down and discussed the current state of open banking in the United Kingdom, one of the epicenters of financial innovation.

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