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You must be looking for someone to help with copywriting duties, or more complex content creation ideas such as podcasting. This is what I specialise in. I am the caffeinated copywriter, the meticulous proofreader, the fastidious project organiser, and the dedicated digital professional.

I manage scripts, social media, brand development, web copy, presentations, advertising, white papers, video and podcasts, and event coverage. I’m also friendly and approachable, so if you have a million questions before we work together (and even if we don’t), I’m all ears.

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Innovation, technology, and the lives of leaders

When it comes to innovation and the development and implementation of new technology, I think there are three distinct groups of people to consider. I revisited The Lives of Others recently, where Georg says, “They got me a back scratcher”. “That’s not a back scratcher, it’s a salad fork,” Christa replies. It’s wonderful how simple technology can look like different things to different...

Podcast production 101, with Rachel Morrissey

I’d known Rachel Morrissey for a few years, though we’d never actually met, so this was an opportunity to share our respective knowledge of broadcasting for the benefit of the second episode. She is an experienced podcast producer in the US, and I was delighted to be able to share with you a conversation we had about putting podcasts together. I know a thing or two about it myself, but just...

Writing your first book – an interview with Duena Blomstrom

In the first episode of the Media Will Eat Itself podcast, we’re discussing the ins and outs of writing your first book, with Duena Blomstrom, someone I’ve known for a few years in the world of financial technology and banking. Duena’s first book is coming out in April 2018, so I thought it would be a good time to catch up for a chat, to find out what went through her head (other than a few...

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