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Creating a podcast

I remember when podcasts first came out, and then died, and then came back again. The world of podcasting has had its ups and downs over the years, but no one can deny its resilience and popularity in the face of constant competition from other media streams. I’m a big fan, and have produced and hosted podcasts for about 10 years. Here’s how I can help you put your own show together …


Putting a podcast together doesn’t have to be expensive. I can help you with producing a high-quality podcast that not only sounds good, but tells a story. The key to any good podcast series is storytelling, and being able to share that story across multiple social channels to ensure as many people as possible get to hear it.

If you have an idea of a podcast that will help you market your own business or conference, or to share your life passions, get in touch with me and we’ll explore the best path forward. And don’t underestimate the power and potential of private podcasting as part of your internal comms strategy.

The guest and the script

Putting a podcast together isn’t all about plugging the microphone in and pressing the record button. It’s about contacting the right guests, putting a script together based on research, and having a script that’s good enough to deviate from when the conversation becomes too enticing to resist. Preparation is everything, and making sure everything is in place is part of my skill set. Check out my own work right here. And don’t forget the show notes, with timestamps for interesting content.

The social side of things

Perhaps you already have a great podcast, but not enough people are listening to it. Perhaps I can see what’s missing from your marketing strategy. Get in touch and see if I can help you.

Hosting and interviewing

Aside from being a producer of more than 200 podcasts, I’ve also hosted more than 80 shows across a range of subjects. If you’re looking for someone who can do the lot for you, drop me a line and let’s talk about possibilities. But first, listen to some examples.

On-site podcast assistance

If your team is producing a podcast for you, but they need an extra pair of hands, I could be those hands. I can help them get set up with the right equipment, the right sound levels, the right frame rate and white balance (if it’s a video or vlog), the right script, the right guest and the right location.

the technical stuff

Some people like getting their hands dirty with the technical side of audio production – people like me. I love to get stuck into cleaning audio, applying the right EQ, normalising, adjusting levels, editing the coughs and sneezes out (as well as long pauses), and cutting the show so that it’s tight and interesting. I would add an intro if required, and an outro, and will help you find music that won’t get you in trouble with the intellectual property police.

What about mixing, fades, ID3 tags, hosting options and feed submission services? I know, it sounds like a lot, right? Thankfully, I know what it all means, so can take care of it for you. And we haven’t even mentioned artwork (well, I just did, and I can do that too).

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