For three years, I was editor in chief of, a thought leadership platform created by Backbase in 2012 to further the discussion about financial technology (fintech).

I joined Backbase in 2015 and immediately set to work redeveloping BankNXT from the ground up, finding a new host, a new CMS, new contributors and a new audience. As editor in chief, I sourced expert contributors and thought leaders in the financial services and financial technology sectors, editing their copy, rewriting where appropriate, sourcing images and sharing across multiple social channels. I also set up and maintained the WordPress site, creating the editorial structure and navigational elements at CMS level.

I was also the company copywriter, ensuring a consistent brand message was adhered to across all departments, operating primarily from a marketing perspective, but also working closely with human resources.

In its first year of relaunch, BankNXT increased visitors by 760%.

The associated newsletter was rejuvenated, which involved cleaning the subscriber list in MailChimp and enticing new subscribers. The newsletter contained hand-picked articles from BankNXT, as well as details about event partnerships and podcast interviews.

In 2016, BankNXT was a finalist in three categories at the Online Media Awards in London. The categories were Best Specialist Site for Journalism, Best Brand Development, and Best Business/Finance News Site.

BankNXT Fintech Podcast

I started a show called the BankNXT Fintech Podcast at the beginning of 2016. The strategy was to interview some of the biggest names in financial technology startups, as well as some of the ‘old hands’ and experienced banking experts, to get their take on life as an entrepreneur.

The key to the success of the show was in trying to establish a starting point in their respective careers; finding out what made them tick as business leaders. Of course, the whole idea of the podcast wasn’t simply about original content – it was about marketing BankNXT as a strong brand in fintech commentary, which would eventually filter to our parent company.

The podcast was a great success, with great numbers, a loyal following, and mass promotion. You can hear some episode samples right here.

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