Andy Rachleff and I discussed many topics over the course of half an hour during a podcast for BankNXT in 2017. He’s an interesting man with plenty to offer in terms of business wisdom and how world view of what it means to give back to society. He remains one of my favourite interviewees.

He covers his history with Benchmark Capital, why he retired from Benchmark, why he started Wealthfront, what it’s like to teach the next generation of entrepreneurs, and how young people will dictate the future of financial services.

For the benefit of brevity, this is a short, low-quality snippet of the interview. If you want to hear the whole thing in glorious technicolour, drop me a line.

Andy Rachleff, WealthfrontI thoroughly enjoyed participating in Shaun’s podcast. His questions were well researched and engaging. I highly recommend him to any potential guests.


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