I remember meeting Jim Cregan in 2011 in a tent in Bath, at the Bath Coffee Festival. If you’ve ever met Jim, you’ll know how easy it is to strike up an instant rapport, and the success of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee since 2011 is testament to his character and personality.

We recorded an interview not long after Jimmy’s Iced Coffee launched in Selfridges. Jim shared his thoughts about the development of the brand, its packaging credentials, marketing strategy and future distribution plans. We met up again at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair in London in 2014, where his beard had taken on a character of its own!

For the benefit of brevity, this is a short, low-quality snippet of the interview. If you want to hear the whole thing in glorious technicolour, drop me a line.

Shaun Weston and Jim Cregan (Jimmy’s Iced Coffee) at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair in 2014.Shaun is a breath of fresh air. His style and approach to work is awesome. He made me feel very comfortable when working in his business and I’m looking forward to working with him again soon.


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