I got to know Duena well while I was editor in chief of BankNXT, as she helped me climb the steep learning curve of financial technology during my first few months in charge. Her straightforward style is exactly what I like about her – she doesn’t mince her words, and uses her tremendous knowledge of the sector to convey her message.

In this podcast, which was a couple of years into our working relationship, I knew Duena well enough to shepherd the discussion into strong areas that would tease out her opinions and reveal her passion.

It was a new format for the show, where the topic wasn’t necessarily about entrepreneurship, but rather topical stories around banking and fintech. She not only rose to the occasion, she managed to plug her new book too.

For the benefit of brevity, this is a short, low-quality snippet of the interview. If you want to hear the whole thing in glorious technicolour, drop me a line.

Duena BlomstromShaun is not only remarkably amazing at his skill of combining written and visual editorial superpowers, but is an accomplished writer in his own right, and a keen observer of human nature. Weary as every content parent is at the beginning of our relationship, l’ve come to implicitly trust every change he ever makes on my pieces, and know the end product will be better than l would have ever had the patience to hone myself.

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