Tide launched as a mobile banking service in 2016-17, and I thought it would be a wasted opportunity to not grab a quick interview with founder and CEO George Bevis before everyone else jumped in.

George was an excellent guest, which I qualify as being straightforward, opinionated, passionate and thoughtful. As usual during this series of interviews I conducted with entrepreneurs, questions relating to their path towards leadership and the development of business acumen were tough to answer; entrepreneurship comes natural to these people, which makes it difficult to describe. Nevertheless, George considered his answers and revealed a picture of enthusiasm that stemmed from the frustration of working within the banking industry for so long.

For the benefit of brevity, this is a short, low-quality snippet of the interview. If you want to hear the whole thing in glorious technicolour, drop me a line.


George Bevis of TideI recorded a podcast with Shaun a couple of years ago: slick production and on-point interview that highlighted the work we’re doing in small business banking. He made the whole process comfortable and easy, and I can confidently recommend him as a high quality media professional.

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