Finding the story within.

11FS is a financial technology consultancy helping to make banking “truly digital”. It operates a number of media channels, including video, podcasts, event hosting and social media to market itself as “the challenger consultancy”.

The sheer amount of content produced is incredible! This is a company that knows its audience really well, and feeds its followers with consistent, high-quality content. Sometimes, there’s more content than it can handle alone, which is where I came in.

Understanding the conversation.

11FS blog summary

Let’s take the many podcast episodes 11FS produces across a range of subjects, including insurance technology, blockchain technology and financial technology. Each podcast often has a handful of guests, each with their own approach to the conversation.

To ensure we create the right social media messages, we hone in on each guest’s expertise, extract the most valuable knowledge and read between the lines (because that’s where the fun is).

Creating the story.

It helps to have a background, working knowledge of the industries we work in. Having worked in fintech for a number of years, I understood the podcast discussions and created messages to entice 11FS followers to engage with the content. I also made sure to create messages that could be understood by other audiences too, mainly to avoid concentrating my efforts inside an echo chamber. The idea is to reach out and gain new followers, right?

11FS interview Chris Woolard

11FS collages of FCA announcement

Reaching out.

The guys at 11FS stretch hundreds of messages across its social media channels every month – not just for the podcasts it produces, but for its blogs and events too. Being able to pick and choose from prepared social messages means it can operate on the fly, as well as stay ahead of its busy marketing schedule. I was only too pleased to help with its social media campaigns.

11FS social media tweets

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