BankNXT BankNXT A fintech website and podcast set up for Backbase Cold Amsterdam for BankNXT BankNXT Podcast and website case study A fintech podcast series set up for software technology company, Backbase, including interviews with the biggest names in financial services. VISIT PROJECT FoodBev FoodBev A podcast set up for FoodBev Media FoodBev Podcast and website case study A website and podcast set up for FoodBev Media, which showcased innovation, startups and significant players in the B2B food and drink industry. VISIT PROJECT The Shape of Money The Shape of Money A podcast set up for ieDigital The Shape of Money Podcast case study A podcast set up for software technology company, ieDigital, with topics around money and financial technology. VISIT PROJECT Media Will Eat Itself Media Will Eat Itself A podcast that explores the intricacies
of working in modern media
MWEI people on phones MWEI people on phone (large) Media Will Eat Itself Podcast case study The Media Will Eat Itself podcast began life at the beginning of 2018. The premise is that media has changed (and is changing) so quickly that it’s difficult to keep up. It takes a certain kind of spirit and tenacity to adapt to how fast everything is spinning, and to take stock of your skills to see how they can still be relevant. VISIT PROJECT
Print Design From the Comms Cupboard A podcast for comms professionals FTCC telephone box (small) FTCC telephone box (large) From the Comms Cupboard Podcast case study The From the Comms Cupboard podcast is a series of lighthearted discussions between two communications professionals. The conversation may be off the cuff and sometimes tongue-in-cheek, but these are popular topics within the comms industry. VISIT PROJECT

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