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FoodBev Media is a multimedia business specialising in content for the international food and beverage industry. It was established as a traditional magazine publisher in 2000 in the UK.

In 2007, was set up to support the company’s magazine portfolio and series of industry events, but quickly became a significant content generator in its own right. It offered regular news and thought leadership to a largely B2B audience, and focused on innovation across various food and beverage sectors. It launched a dedicated podcast in 2009 to appeal to a more interactive and mobile-savvy audience.

The show featured interviews with industry giants such as Tetra Pak and Symrise, and was a useful device for covering industry events and awards shows such as VitaFoods and Gulfood.

The podcast has evolved over time and is available to hear via Apple Podcasts, Libsyn, Spotify, Acast and many more.

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Jim Cregan

Shaun Weston and Jim Cregan discuss the launch and development of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee.
Ep 33
  • Jim Cregan 00:00

Paul Comey

Shaun Weston caught up with Green Mountain's vice president of environmental affairs, Paul Comey, in Chicago.
Ep 14
  • Paul Comey 00:00

Dennis Jönsson

Shaun Weston and Dennis Jönsson of Tetra Pak discuss the Dairy Hub programme, as well as recycling goals.
Ep 28
  • Dennis Jönsson 00:00

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