It’s all in the details …

A good proofreader isn’t simply employed to tidy text, review grammar and correct typos, though they do all of these things. You will that find the better proofreaders look for consistency of tone and style, spending the extra time required to research your company, and understanding what makes you tick in terms of marketing message and business communications.

Some might say, what does it matter if there’s a typo? Aside from your brand appearing untrustworthy, unprofessional, cheap and careless, typos probably don’t matter at all. If they mean something to you, and you’re keen to come across as clean, classy, careful and considerate, it pays to present yourself in the best possible light, from white papers to social media messages.

Here’s a few examples of how I can help …

Checking your social media channels

Before your busy social media channels go live with that vital piece of comms, I can check for clarity, purpose, grammar and tone, and ensure the right hashtags are being used and the correct scheduling is applied. Are you wasting time on networks that may not be appropriate to your audience? I’ll probably mention it if you are, and suggest alternative avenues to explore. It’s all part of the service.

Writing a book

Long-form writing is one of the hardest things to do, and not because of the many hours’ work you put in when you could be enjoying Martinis with friends. Editing aside, a good proofreader will work methodically through your final draft before it goes to print. I would suggest a really good editor to work with you on narrative structure, tone of voice and grammar, and strangely enough I can help you with that too. The best editors are often the best proofreaders, and vice versa.

Fine-tuning a white paper

White papers have changed. Over the last few years, I’ve seen white paper trends evolve from staid, long and repetitive manuscripts to interesting, concise and visually arresting documents that exist across multiple media formats. White papers are harder to write when they’re concise, because they are bloat-free, sharp and intriguing, with strong calls to action. Get in touch if you’d like me to look at white papers you’re producing, or even white papers you’d like to resurrect, clean up and re-market.

Website content

If you’re in the process of redesigning your website, or would like someone to pore over your website as it stands, please get in touch. As well as spotting errors in grammar, regional preferences (US spelling vs UK spelling, for instance) and typos, I’ll also tell you where links are broken, or if your images can be improved to look better across a variety of devices. Modern proofreaders don’t just look at the words on the page, they look at your overall message. This is just as important across internal, as well as external, comms.

And if you’re searching for an experienced website editor, who will look after your team of developers, contributors and marketers, see what I can do to help you.

Video content

If you make a mistake in a video, it’s hard to go back and correct it once it’s been published. Not impossible, just hard. Proofing a video before it’s unleashed on your audience is the most important thing. It’s also inexpensive! Let’s face it, your video may only be 15 minutes long, which means you probably only need a proofreader for an hour’s work, if that! When your reputation is at stake, it’s very little money to spend to make sure the message in your video doesn’t sound like gobbledygook.

Job descriptions and careers marketing

If you want the best people to work for you, they may think twice if you have lots of mistakes in your recruitment materials. It demonstrates a slapdash approach to your external communications, and may damage your reputation as an employer. The fewer mistakes you make at recruitment stage, the better candidates you will attract. Getting rid of errors will make you look your best, like wearing a nice pair of brogues at a job interview.

These are just a small sample of possible use cases for a decent proofreader. Get in touch and tell me what you need.