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It's all in the details

A good proofreader isn’t simply employed to tidy text, review grammar and correct typos, though they do all of these things. You will that find the better proofreaders look for consistency of tone and style, spending the extra time required to research your company, and understanding what makes you tick in terms of marketing message and business communications. Here’s how we can help …

Social media

Check before your busy social media channels go live with that vital piece of comms.

Writing a book

Let’s work methodically through your drafts, from the first to the last, before it goes to print.

white papers

Produce interesting white papers from scratch, or resurrect, clean up and re-market.

Website content

Inspect every word on every page, and make sure your overall message is clear and concise.

Video content

Proof videos before they’re unleashed on your audience. Catch those typos before it’s too late!

Job descriptions

Get rid of unsightly errors in careers materials and look your best to potential employees.