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This covers ghostwriting or editing your next book, proofreading, direct mail, emails, social media, advertising, blogs, newsletters and general website copy, case studies, scripts and presentations. In fact, wherever you need words, I can help you fill the gaps. I know a fair bit about food, drink, financial technology (fintech), football and gadgets. The rest is good research, hard work and luck.

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Digital content

If you’re building a website or hosting a conference or other event, I can help you. I was editor-in-chief of and for 10 years, so I know my way around a CMS and an exhibition hall, and I understand the complex world of SEO and the importance of branding and storytelling. I’ve also produced more than 200 podcasts, created videos and video channels, and have hosted interviews with various bigwigs.

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Media skills

If you’re setting up your own gig, perhaps freelance or in-house, I can help you with interview training, podcast and video production, photography, copyright law, commissioning contributors, storytelling and branding. I know my way around editing software, microphones and lawyers.

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