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Social media is a big subject. Done right, it can lead to new business, lasting relationships and even friendship. It’s also one of the most underestimated and undervalued jobs I’ve ever been involved with. Here’s how I can help you with social media management …

Review what you already have

You may already be present across a handful of social media channels. In which case, let’s take a look to see what’s working and what isn’t, and if you’re following social media best practice. Your channels may need a complete overhaul, or perhaps just a few tweaks. It may be that you have so much content, you need to find a way to better manage your output (that’s a nice problem to have). Let’s see what’s what and go from there.

Assess new opportunities

Being visible on social media isn’t simply about getting your brand across as many of the big names as possible. It’s about understanding your audience, where they are, what they like to talk about, and what they think of you. It may be that you’re on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, yet your audience is primarily in China, where they have different social media channels.

It’s also about finding out what makes you tick inside the company. Who are your writers, your podcasters, your influential leaders and your content creators? If you have a lot of introverts people in your team, they may have valuable expertise to impart, which we can tap into via social media.

Speedy social media management

Speed is of the essence when it comes to social media. As a social media manager, the buck stops at me. I won’t seek your approval for tweets, messages and other engagement opportunities. I’ll simply get on with the job, and encourage you and your business to be courageous and reveal your personality and character.

I’ll follow your structure, if you like, or create one for you. Managing social media can be exhausting, but it’s so rewarding (particularly if you’re a social media nerd, like me). You will be sharing content, engaging with your audience, and raising your marketing productivity in a flash.

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