Website editing

Content with confidence

The fine art of website editing isn’t dying, though you may think it is. Left in the hands of marketing teams, IT departments and salespeople, the humble company website is often a mishmash of mixed messages. An experienced website editor can bring it all together, and there isn’t a line of code in sight.

What do I mean by website editor?

The difference between a website editor and a website developer is vast. They are two very different professions. An editor is often called a content manager these days, which I think undervalues an editor’s skill set. Read my article about this right here.

You don’t have to start afresh

Your website may have all of the content, but not necessarily in the right order. (Hats off to Eric Morecambe.) It may also be pitching to the wrong audience, or is missing the mark in reaching out to new audiences. A good website editor works with your developers to get things back on track, sorting through your style, tone and editorial strategy to make everything flow in the right direction. And if you have none of those things, a good editor will create them for you.

But if you do want to start afresh

A true editor is someone who defines the website, provides direction, commits to a solid strategy and commissions content to meet audience expectations. They should have writing skills rather than coding skills, should be able to address tone and style, can spot trends before they happen, and can sub and proofread like a wizard.

An editor that can do all of this can set you up with a website quickly. To them, it’s just another publication for a specific market. The key is in pulling the right team together to make it happen.

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