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You must be looking for someone to help with copywriting duties, or more complex content creation ideas such as podcasting. This is what I specialise in. I am the caffeinated copywriter, the meticulous proofreader, the fastidious project organiser, and the dedicated digital professional.

I manage scripts, social media, brand development, web copy, presentations, advertising, white papers, video and podcasts, and event coverage. I’m also friendly and approachable, so if you have a million questions before we work together (and even if we don’t), I’m all ears.

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Design, storytelling and leadership, with William Villalobos

In episode 12 of Media Will Eat Itself, William Villalobos joins me to share his passion for design. He is founder of The Futures, a company comprising, in his own words, designers, video professionals, developers and marketing experts. He refers to his company as a solution machine! From his background in architecture to his fledgling turn as an entrepreneur, William has, in a relatively short...

Technology and entrepreneurial startups, with David Kelly

In episode 11 of Media Will Eat Itself, I talk to David Kelly, founder of Storm Consultancy, a nimble business that began as a bridge for people looking for something in between traditional creative services and what the tech giants usually offer. I’ve known David on and off for a number of years, having worked on projects with him in the past, and as an observer to the great work he does as part...

Social media, modern marketing and fudge, with Sian Holt

Today, I’m talking to Sian Holt, founder and managing director of Fudge Kitchen. It’s that fantastic high street shop you can’t pass without trying a piece of free fudge. It’s also the business that’s been around longer than you think, and it’s in part due to Sian’s background as a marketer, and her willingness to adapt to new practices, such as the creation of...

Why I made 30 videos in 30 days, with Kym Hamer

On the second show of our new season (the 9th overall), I talk to Kym Hamer, who describes herself as a marketing director, property investor, school governor and blogger. She’s also a prolific reader, this I know from following Kym through her social channels over the years, and if you’re looking for an honest and thorough book review, you should check out her website at We...

From journo to internal comms guru, with Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller is an internal communications professional who runs her own consultancy helping people and organisations improve their ability to communicate. You would think that our ability to communicate is a given, but this is something we overlook on so many levels. In my own experience, I’ve worked for small companies and huge companies who suffer from the same malady: poor communication...

What exactly are presenting skills?

Shaun Weston recounts an interview with The Prezenter, Russell Anderson-Williams, and talks about the value of storytelling in presentations.

Power presenting, with Russell Anderson-Williams

Russell Anderson-Williams is a professional presentation design expert, and is particularly invested in training people how to make the most out of Prezi and PowerPoint. He’s even more passionate about the fact that even the best Prezi and PowerPoint users will fail if they continue to use bullet points! The idea behind his approach to delivering good presentations is the ability to tell a story...

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